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The Art of Profile Perfection Jawline With Kybella®

Sculpting your profile has never been easier. Kybella® is an FDA-approved treatment that is injected into the fat beneath your chin. It works to destroy fat cells, leaving you with a more contoured profile.

Results You’ll Love

One of the most remarkable benefits of Kybella® is that it provides permanent results. Once the targeted fat cells are destroyed, they can no longer accumulate or store fat. As a result, once your Kybella® treatment series is complete, you can enjoy a more youthful, defined jawline without additional procedures.

The results of your Kybella® treatment will happen gradually, but you should begin to notice changes in your appearance within 4–6 weeks after beginning your treatment. Your full results will be visible about three months after treatment.

Enhance Your Profile With Kybella®

The revolutionary Kybella® injections we provide at GOLDnGLO aesthetics will melt away your unwanted chin fat—for good—and boost your self-confidence. Schedule an appointment with us today and get GLOing.

Kybella® FAQs

Kybella® is safe for most healthy adults, but if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or clinically obese, you may not be a suitable candidate. Please speak to your GOLDnGLO practitioner with additional questions or concerns regarding your overall health before treatment.

Most individuals prefer 2–4 sessions to achieve their desired outcome. Your GOLDnGLO practitioner will develop an individualized plan with you to determine how many sessions it may require for your desired look.

While a mild stinging or pinching sensation may occur at the time of injection, most people find the treatment tolerable.

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